COVID-19 Communications

Below is a curated list key communications regarding COVID-19 and students in the College of Arts and Sciences.

  • March 1
    Lewis & Clark employees will become eligible to receive the vaccine no later than May 1, 2021.
  • February 11

    Dear Students,

    Your continued vigilance in adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols and testing compliance is paying off: We have maintained a low infection rate and have been able to successfully track and isolate the few cases that have popped up. As a result, the Office of Student Life has decided to move forward with relaxation of some of the restrictions that have been in place since the start of the semester.

  • January 7

    Our approach to continuing to keep the community safe is to prevent the transmission of the virus on the campus in the first place. With that in mind, we will provide testing on re-entry for undergraduate, graduate and law students, as well as all employees who will be on campus near the start of the semester. This re-entry testing will provide us with baseline information regarding our community positivity rate and will guide our decision making and plans as we create the safest LC community possible.

  • November 16

    Hello LC Students,

    As the semester comes to a close, the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities would like to thank you all for your hard work this semester. Not only did you complete countless homework assignments and tests, but you also have helped our community stay safe during a global pandemic.

  • November 14

    In response to rising COVID-19 cases in Oregon, Governor Kate Brown JD ’85 issued new directives on Friday. As we implement these requirements and begin to wind down the fall semester, we again take stock of our approach to coronavirus.

  • November 12

    Dear Students,

    Governor Kate Brown JD ’85 yesterday ordered a “pause” of certain activities in Multnomah County, beginning tomorrow and continuing for the two-week period leading up to Thanksgiving. These measures do not impact our ability to continue to provide in-person instruction until Thanksgiving break. In-person classes are expected to continue, as planned.

  • November 6
    We are excited to welcome you back to campus for Spring semester 2021! Students did an excellent job of ensuring that we could provide in-person classes and keep the campus open during fall term by adhering to tried and true health mitigation behaviors. Let’s make sure that Spring semester is just as successful as the Fall.
  • November 6

    Dear LC Residential Community,

    Thank you all for continuing to comply with our community expectations regarding COVID-19 health mitigation measures. I know doing so has been hard at times, especially when it comes to making new social connections or interacting with residents from neighboring halls.

  • October 28
    This message aims to provide you with the important information you need so that you can begin making your transition plans.
  • October 12
  • September 12
    I want to update you on how Lewis & Clark is approaching COVID-19 monitoring and testing, what we’re seeing from those efforts thus far, and what we can expect as results come in periodically. The upshot: so far we’re doing well. We currently have no positive COVID-19 cases on campus that we are responding to. But we must not let our guard down.
  • September 3
    Q&A with John Hancock, Associate Dean for Health & Wellness; Robin H. Holmes-Sullivan, Vice President of Student Life; and Rocky Campbell, Assistant Dean of Student Engagement
  • September 1
    The Executive Council has developed a deliberate approach to events and thresholds that would make it advisable for us to change course significantly on in-person education and residential life.
  • September 1
    On behalf of Wellness Services, we want to welcome you to the academic year!
  • August 28
    Forty percent of individuals infected with COVID are asymptomatic. That means you could be infected, spreading the disease, and never even know it. Fifty percent of disease transmission is thought to occur before the onset of symptoms.
  • August 28
    As we begin a new academic year under unprecedented circumstances, I share with you important updates to our policies regarding tuition, fees, and room and board refunds.
  • August 28
    Because your health and safety is our top priority, life on campus this fall will be different and, unfortunately, more restrictive than it has ever been.
  • August 25

    We need your help to ensure the Lewis & Clark community remains healthy. Our Fall 2020 Reopening plan is designed to safeguard all of us. To succeed, everyone in the community–faculty, staff, and students–must act responsibly and follow rules and guidelines on healthy behaviors.

  • August 23
    We will need to be vigilant, smart and considerate in order to ensure the safety of all students, faculty and staff at LC.
  • August 3
    We need your help to ensure the Lewis & Clark community remains healthy.
  • July 29
    We are working diligently to put a plan in place that will keep our community safe during on-campus, in-person instruction this fall
  • July 24
    More now about fall attendance options and housing