About Our Center

Mission and Learning Outcomes

The mission of the Counseling Center is to promote the psychological health of Lewis & Clark students so that they may achieve their academic potential and live healthy, well-balanced lives.

The Counseling Center accomplishes this mission by:

  • Providing high-quality and timely assessment, counseling, crisis intervention and referral services to undergraduate, graduate and law students.
  • Providing high-quality consultation to faculty, staff, students and parents about students of concern.
  • Providing outreach programs to students on topics related to mental health and academic success.  
  • Collaborating with other partners on campus in joint initiatives to meet students’ psychological health needs, address public health problems, and improve student success.  
  • Promoting inclusion and increasing awareness of the impact of privilege, prejudice, marginalization, and discrimination in the lives of individuals.
  • Providing a safe environment for all by recognizing the unique identities of our Lewis & Clark College community.
  • Providing a high-quality training program to doctoral practicum trainees.
  • Providing all services in a manner which is consistent with professional ethical guidelines and legal mandates.  

As we engage with students, we promote and assess the following learning outcomes:  

  • Students who engage in counseling will report that their counseling experience helped them improve their ability to accept and/or cope with their emotions.
  • Students who engage in counseling will learn more about themselves as a result of the services they received.
  • Students will report that their counseling experience helped them improve the quality of their relationships.

Student Life Mission Statement

As part of the division of Student Life, staff in the Counseling Center share in the Student Life mission, which can be found here