Meet the Staff

Melinda Brooks, Psy.D., (she/her) is a licensed psychologist who earned her doctorate at Pacific University. She has worked at student counseling centers at Pacific University and the University of Washington. Melinda’s professional interests include helping students with mood and anxiety disorders, interpersonal relationships, grief and loss, and trauma and abuse issues. Her approach to therapy is integrative and addresses identity development, career, and education issues into the therapeutic work with students.

John Hancock, Ed.D., (he/him) serves as Chief Psychologist and Associate Dean of Students for Health and Wellness. Dr. Hancock supervises the Counseling Service, Health Service, and Health Promotion & Wellness office. He earned his doctorate in Counseling Psychology at West Virginia University. He completed an extramural training program at the Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy & Research, and has been granted diplomate status by the Academy for Cognitive Therapy.  He has directed college counseling services for more than 25 years. His professional passions include social justice, cognitive therapy and suicide prevention.

Robin Keillor, PhD, (she/her) Director of Clinical Services, is a licensed psychologist who earned her doctorate in Counseling Psychology at Arizona State University-Tempe.  She has worked in college and university counseling centers for 20 years, and incorporates multiple roles, identity impact, interpersonal and cultural strengths, and competing priorities facing students into her counseling work.  Her approach is relational and she integrates various therapeutic approaches to match the needs of the student she is working with.  Robin strives to consider issues of equity and social justice, and will assist students to increase their awareness of self, society, and others to create additional options for coping, accepting, or resolving the impact of life stressors. She specializes in trauma resolution, multicultural/cross-cultural issues, relationship concerns, and academic success.  Robin welcomes and has significant experience and training in working with LGBTQIA students, Students of Color, Students with Disabilities, and Veterans.   

Michelle J. Kirton, PhD, (she/her) Associate Director of Counseling/Training Director, is a licensed psychologist specializing in career and professional development, women’s issues, and multiculturalism. Her PhD is from Arizona State University–Tempe, and her M.S. from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Since higher education settings have been a focus for Dr. Kirton, she has also worked with students at Oregon Health Science University, and has created and taught courses for Pacific University and for Portland State University.

Jeanne M. Lilly, PhD, (she/her) is a licensed psychologist with a doctorate from Ohio State University.  She has also worked at counseling centers at Towson State University and Northeastern University, and created and taught classes at Lewis and Clark, Marylhurst and Northeastern.  Her professional interests include positive psychology, mindfulness as a tool in psychotherapy, trauma and resilience, Eastern psychology, and psychospiritual approaches to counseling.  She has also studied yoga nidra and pranayama with the Yoga Academy of North America, and has interest in how these techniques can be applied in psychotherapy.

Susan Metcalfe, LCSW (she/her) is a clinical social worker who earned her master’s degree from PSU School of Social Work. She has worked in counseling centers at both PSU and Reed College. She considers herself a “generalist” using many different therapy techniques with a focus on relational and a strength-based approach. She has over 20 years of experience working with depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss.
Susan particularly enjoys working with students as they navigate their way through school and life issues.

Kara Powers, M.D., (she/her) is a board-certified psychiatrist. She graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and did her residency training at University of California, San Francisco. In addition to her work at the Counseling Service, Dr. Powers has practiced in a variety of settings including community mental health and private practice, and has served as clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry at UCSF. She has experience treating a broad range of mental health issues within culturally diverse populations using both medication management and psychotherapy. She has a particular interest in mindfulness practices and in applying these to her psychotherapeutic work. She especially enjoys working with students as they grow and discover their paths in life.

Hans Woicke, LCSW, (he/him) is a licensed clinical social worker with a degree from Boston College. He has worked with families at Morrison Child and Family Services, with teens and their parents involved in the juvenile justice system, as a counselor for Portland YouthBuilders, and most recently for Providence Health and Services as a counselor for parents whose children have developmental disabilities. He is passionate about working with young adults and acknowledges the tremendous courage students have in seeking counseling support. He appreciates and enjoys working with them during their journeys. 

Jessica Bartmann, MA, (she/her) is a graduate student at Pacific University in the College of Health Professions (School of Graduate Psychology). She received her MA in Clinical Psychology at Pacific University and is expected to receive her PsyD in August 2023. Jessica has worked in a variety of settings including residential, crisis services, and community mental health. Her professional interests include trauma and persistent mental health concerns.

Mal Cassle, MSW Intern, (they/them) is a Social Work Graduate student at Portland State University. They have worked with families at Fresno County Child and Family Services, as well as older adults through in-home supportive services. Mal is in their final year of the Master of Social Work program and intends to pursue licensure as a Clinical Social Worker post graduation.

Josiah Coulter, MA, (he/him) is a psychological trainee who is currently a graduate student in the PsyD program at Pacific University. Prior to Lewis & Clark, Josiah trained at the Pacific Psychology & Comprehensive Health Clinic. Josiah has experience working with anxiety and mood disorders, trauma, and interpersonal relationships. He specializes in working with LGBTQIA clients and has professional interests in LGBTQIA identity development and mental health. Josiah works primarily from a feminist perspective and his approach to therapy is integrative and client-centered with a specialty in ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) interventions. He strives to consider and incorporate cultural sensitivity and social justice work into therapy with all of his clients.

Caitlin McCann, MA, (she/her) is a graduate student from the College of Health Professions (at Pacific University). She works with clients from an integrated lens and has experience utilizing a variety of therapeutic approaches to best fit the needs of the individual she is working with. Caitlin has worked in outpatient settings with individuals experiencing stressors related to anxiety, depression, relational difficulties, significant life changes and transitions, as well as learning new and/or building upon existing coping skills to help decrease distress. Caitlin strives to come from a lens that is based on social justice and antiracism and that incorporates the identity of the student as well as the clinician in the room as is beneficial.

Administrative Specialist

Clarke Morefield (she/they) is the Administrative Specialist for the Counseling Service. They have worked in outpatient mental health clinics in Portland since 2016 and are a passionate advocate for mental health services. She is usually the first point of contact for all students seeking counseling, and hopes to continue utilizing her skills to foster a welcoming environment for all. In their free time they enjoy making music, playing with their dog, and traveling with their wife.