New Student Information

Links to Information and Letters for New Students:


Health History, Immunization And Tuberculosis Information

Each new student must fill out an online Health History form and complete the Immunization form.  These forms must be completed before arrival at school. 

In order to complete the forms, you may need to collect medical information from your family and physician. Immunization records are usually available through high schools. The information on the Health History form will become part of the student’s permanent medical record. It is strictly confidential.

Required of each student:

  • Completion of the online Health History and the Immunization form.
  • M.M.R. (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) immunization. Two doses required at least 28 days apart and after 12 months of age. Alternatively, an MMR lab (Titer) report indicating immunity satisfies the measles requirement.  For additional information see Oregon law 333-050-0130.
  • Tuberculosis screening is required if you meet either of the following criteria:  you were born in a country with a high incidence of tuberculosis disease; or in the last five years you lived in, traveled to, or emigrated from a country with a high incidence of tuberculosis disease.  (For a list of countries with high incidence of tuberculosis disease, see Appendix B of the publication Tuberculosis Screening and Targeted Testing of College and University Students. if you have lived in or traveled to an area that is high risk for tuberculosis.

Note: In accordance with Oregon law, Lewis & Clark College requires all full time students to have two doses of MMR (measles, mumps and Rubella) vaccine administered at least 28 days apart and after the student is 12 months of age.  Students who do not meet the Oregon law requirements may experience registration holds or cancellations. 

Criteria for exemption to the Oregon state measles immunization law include:

Medical exemption-

Please provide a signed physician or nurse practitioner statement verifying that you have a medical reason for not receiving the immunization (anaphylactic reaction to eggs, immune compromised state, etc.).

Non-medical exemption-

Oregon Health Authority requires a signed Vaccine Education Certificate to be on file at the Student Health Service. This can be accomplished in one of two ways:


  • Watch an online College Measles Module. Print out and sign your Vaccine Education Certificate at the end of the module.

**Please either fax the Vaccine Education Certificate to 503-768-7167 or email it to

Highly recommended for each student before arrival on campus:

Lewis and Clark follows the American College Health Association’s recommended immunizations for college students.  We recommend that you receive these immunizations prior to coming to campus.  Please see a list of these recommended immunizations at vaccine pdf

Meningitis Information- This link contains current information regarding meningitis disease and vaccination recommendations.