College Housing Program

Looking for Campus Living?

The College Housing Program is an affordable way to purchase a home close to campus.  You can walk to work and enjoy being able to stroll the beautiful grounds of Lewis & Clark anytime.  This program allows faculty and staff to enhance their involvement in the life of the College community and reduce the number of cars driven to campus. 

The College sells homes (the improvements) to eligible employees with a twelve (12) year ground lease and retains title to the land.  When the improvements are sold back to the College, the owners share in any market value gains on the property.

Eligible Employees will need to complete an Interested Party Form and submit a statement of the positive impact they could have on the co-curricular life on campus if they lived close to campus.

Because of tighter mortgage market requirements, mortgages are now being provided directly through the College to eligible borrowers.  Click here to see mortgage details.

Please review the eligibility and procedures if you are interested in the program.  If you still have questions, please contact Billy Walker at