The Lewis & Clark search is actually two tools working at once: first, a general web search; and second, a list of people results. On desktop, they are displayed in two columns, side by side, and on mobile they are in a single column, with web results first and then people. Entering a query into the search box will call results from both tools automatically.

Web Results

This content is proved by a Google custom search engine. Approximately every day, Google looks at the entire and web domains (including the libraries, catalogs, etc.) and makes a searchable index. If you have deleted content and it still displays, give Google a few days to delete it on its own; similarly, if you have added new content, give Google a few days to find it. If an issue remains or you have other web questions, contact for further assistance.

People Results

The search reviews a list of all active students, staff, and faculty; the list is obtained nightly from the Colleague and Workday databases. Contact Human Resources if your information is incorrect there, and note that it can take up to 48 hours for results to update within the systems. 

People results are primarily based on a person’s name and their title and should have exact matches. So a search for “Larry” will not include “Lawrence,” only “Larry” in people results. Additionally, a query with multiple words like “occupational health and safety” actually is broken up into simultaneous searches for “occupational” and “health” and “safety.” This way users get the maximum number of search results with the greatest chance of accuracy. 

Student data in the people results is limited to name and major, but members of the Lewis & Clark community have the option to login (with their LC username and password) to see more details.

Known Issues