Our strategic plan process began in earnest in fall 2023. We have built out this timeline showing events that have already occurred to date and those still to come, with a goal of implementing the final plan in fall 2024.

February 2023

Board of Trustees Discussion

The Board of Trustees engaged in a productive discussion about Lewis & Clark’s distinctive strengths among peers, how we might advance a strategic vision, and the role of shared governance in achieving success. Facilitated by Bill Troutt, president emeritus of Rhodes College and consultant with the Association of Governing Boards.

October 2023

Executive Council SWOT Analysis

Led in an exercise by David Attis from EAB, Executive Council discussed the current strengths and weaknesses of the institution while also looking ahead at future opportunities and threats. This exercise kicked-off the strategic planning-related activities for the 2023–24 school year.

Board of Trustees Presentation and Discussion

Jennifer Latino of EAB presented to and led a broad conversation with the Board of Trustees on the state of the higher education sector and best practices in dynamic strategy planning.

December 2023

The Donor Investor Imperative

Executive Council learned about best practices in collaborations between faculty and fundraising teams from Fleming Puckett of EAB. Our new strategic plan will form the framework of our next comprehensive fundraising campaign, so we must think about how our themes and ideas will appeal to our prospective donors. This session will be repeated with the Institutional Advancement Committee of the Board of Trustees in early February.

Differentiated Student Value Proposition Workshop

Executive Council was joined by more than 20 faculty and staff from all three schools in an exercise to address the question, “Why would a student choose us over competitors?” The results of this exercise, led by Jennifer Latino and Jon Rice of EAB, helped inform the draft themes of the strategic plan as they relate to the student experience.

January 2024

Future Visioning Exercise

More than 20 faculty and staff joined Executive Council for a presentation and exercise on how the best practices of futurists can be applied to strategic planning. The primary focus was how change in the world outside of higher education may impact Lewis & Clark and how we can proactively respond. This session was led by Logan Morris of EAB.

March 11, 2024 (9:00 a.m.)

Big Ideas Workshop with Faculty and Staff

This will be an introductory session for faculty and staff to kick off the generation and submission of proposals for new initiatives or for the enhancement of existing activities, with a focus on potentially transformative ideas that will resonate with donors and advance the key themes identified so far in the strategic planning process. The plan is for these initiatives to fit into the new strategic plan and to be incorporated into our next comprehensive philanthropic campaign. The introductory session will be followed by a workshop later in the spring to sharpen those themes and/or consider new ones. More details about the process for Big Ideas will be provided shortly.

April 18, 2024

Strategic Plan Big Ideas and Initiatives Workshop

Facilitated by Dr. Fleming Puckett, EAB

This in-person workshop with Dr. Puckett and Executive Council is for faculty and staff who’ve begun formulating new plans, or thinking about the enhancement of existing activities to propose as part of the Strategic Plan Big Ideas proposal process.

This will be an opportunity to work on translating your ideas into strategic proposals, to learn more, and/or to make progress on your idea or proposal, wherever you are in the process.

May 31, 2024

Big Ideas proposals are due.

June to August, 2024

Executive Council completes initial review and assessment of Big Ideas and works with sponsors on the most promising submissions. Additional resources will be provided as necessary to support further development of the most promising Big Ideas.

August 2024

An initial list of Big Ideas to move forward will be shared.

September 2024

Campus vetting of Big Idea proposals and opportunities for feedback, as well as further refinement of Big Ideas. Strategic plan and mission statement drafts will be shared with campus, with opportunities for engagement and feedback.

October 2024

The strategic plan and mission statement will be presented to the Board of Trustees.