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Employee Engagement Committee

Learning and Education

Lewis & Clark values lifelong learning as part of its strategic plan to provide more professional development opportunities for all members of its staff and faculty.
To that end, ONE L&C is committed to providing learning opportunities which provide every faculty and staff member with the skills to perform their work on campus with confidence and efficiency, and also to develop the core competencies embraced by Lewis & Clark’s mission, purpose, and values. By supporting professional development, we hope to create a more empowered and inclusive community which has the ability to engage in the work necessary to achieve Lewis & Clark’s vision to be “a national leader in higher education that prepares students for meaningful careers, civic engagement, and lifelong discovery. Together we seek a just and sustainable society here in Portland, across our nation, and around the world.” LC Strategic Plan.
Join us in creating opportunities to learn together and from each other in our goal to support students as explorers seeking to “discover their interests, pursue their passions, and embark on paths that lead to expertise in their chosen fields.” LC Strategic Plan.
Please complete the questionnaire to provide ideas for professional development. These can be areas you would like to learn about or areas you could support by teaching or facilitating. Listed below are some areas of competencies and topics that have been suggested as important to our work. Feel free to include any of these when you complete the questionnaire.

 Questionnaire: Professional Development Ideas


  • A caring and supportive community
  • Sustainability
  • Global perspectives
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Curiosity, adventure, innovation, and leadership

Value-Aligned Competencies 

Equity and Inclusion Intercultural Competencies Sustainability Leadership Collaboration

Suggested Topics of Interest: Please complete the questionnaire if one of these topics is of interest or you have another idea.

  • Time Management
  • Project management
  • Managing stress
  • ‘Customer service’ - meeting needs with authenticity
  • Money management/budgeting
  • Mentoring others (students, colleagues, those we supervise)
  • Networking; community building skills
  • Team Building
  • Effective Meetings
  • Technology - specific tools and training
  • Budgeting

Do you have resources related professional development topics which you would like to recommend? Submit them using this form: Professional Development Resources