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Human Subjects Research Committee


The HSRC application must include a signed Cover Form, a signed Confidentiality Agreement, Informed Consent form(s), and a written proposal that answers or incorporates all seven of the application questions listed in the Manual. The Manual is intended as a guide and provides basic information about how to complete your application.

Please read the Manual carefully to answer or incorporate all the application questions into your research proposal. Download the application manual and forms to get started.


HRSC requires that researchers first pass the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) training before application approval will be granted. Researchers must complete the training ahead of submitting the application.

Submission Format

Please submit all your application materials in a single PDF document. Please make best effort to convert to PDF unless otherwise requested. All pages must be numbered consecutively. Numbering your pages helps reviewers more efficiently respond to your proposal. 


Please use a digital signature to electronically sign the Cover Form and Confidentiality Agreement when submitting theses documents with your application. If unable to electronically sign these forms, please follow the scanned signature instructions below.


Once completed, the application and all supporting materials (consent form(s), survey(s), interview protocol(s), etc.) must be submitted to


When a revision is requested for a proposal please make sure to format the changes in an easily identifiable manner such as different colored text or highlights. This is to streamline the review process so that committee members may easily identify where changes have been made to the original proposal. A memo cataloging the revisions with relevant page numbers is also acceptable. 

Digital Signatures:

Please utilize available software to digitally sign your PDF application forms. Links to help documents:
Adobe Reader Help Document
Apple Help Document
Microsoft Help Document

Scanned Signatures

Fill out the forms electronically, print the filled out form, sign the forms, scan the printed forms, and then submit both the filled out electronic versions minus the signature and the scanned signed forms. This allows for best readability by the committee.

Human Subjects Research Committee

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    Lewis & Clark College’s Human Subject Research Committee (HSRC). Also known as Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Federal Purposes.

    Human Subjects Research

    The HSRC/IRB does not have a physical address. Please submit all applications and questions to the email address listed.