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Human Subjects Research Committee

Committee Procedures & Schedule

Please review the application deadlines and meeting dates below. Then read the instructions on how to begin your research application today.

Meeting schedule: Last Thursday of each month (no meeting in December/July)

Monthly submission deadline: 15th of the month

Review Timeline

The Human Subjects Research Committee (HSRC) typically meets the last Thursday of each month. All research proposals must be submitted the by 15th to be considered for the month’s meeting agenda. Investigators should allow at least two months for the entire review process, since the Committee may request revisions or additional information before granting final approval. The Committee does not meet during the months of July and December. Please take steps to plan around these months; contact the committee regarding requesting a special review to accommodate significant or extenuating circumstances.

Review Process

After the proposal review takes place, applicants will be sent a memo with the Committee’s decision. The memo will either detail recommendations for amendments or grant approval to proceed with the study. 

Proposals that are provisionally approved usually qualify for an expedited review process in which two committee members will electronically review the revised proposal and vote to approve or request further changes.

In cases where major revisions are requested, the revised proposal will usually reviewed by the full Committee at the next scheduled meeting; however, substantive issues may take more than one additional meeting to be resolved.  

Revisions: When a revision is requested for a proposal please make sure to format the changes in an easily identifiable manner such as different colored text or highlights. A memo cataloging the revisions with relevant page numbers is also acceptable.

Human Subjects Research Committee

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    Lewis & Clark College’s Human Subject Research Committee (HSRC). Also known as Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Federal Purposes.

    Human Subjects Research

    The HSRC/IRB does not have a physical address. Please submit all applications and questions to the email address listed.