We educate students to live in a world that has become increasingly interdependent and complex.

The college affirms as one of its primary missions the development in its students of a solid grounding in global issues. The key components are:

  1. An awareness of the patterns of international relationships and influence.
  2. A sensitivity to the values and concerns of other states, nations and cultures.
  3. The ability to reflect on and evaluate American cultural assumptions and the role of the U.S. in the world community.
  4. Preparation of graduates for careers requiring knowledge of other nation-states. 
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We encourage students to reflect upon the ethical dimensions of a diverse community in an interdependent world, and act on the conclusions they draw. 

The commitment to this goal is emphasized in the College’s majors such as international affairs and foreign languages, the College’s General Education requirements of two courses in the area of International Studies, a three-semester foreign language requirement, overseas and off-campus programs that support and enhance on-campus curricula, and the enrollment of international students who contribute to and share in the College’s pursuit of greater international understanding.