Graduate School

The Graduate School of Education and Counseling (GSEC) is a community that values the rich diversity of voices and perspectives in a complex world. We reach out to those around us, explore new ideas, and pursue the best practice of education and counseling. We promote open dialogue, inquiry, respect, and social action. The heart of our mission is cultural competence and advocacy based on knowledge and respect for the vitality of diverse cultural, linguistic, and ethnic groups we serve. Internationalizing our graduate programs both exemplifies and extends this mission.

Graduate Programs

The GSEC centers a commitment to diversity and cultural competence which increasingly includes internationalizing the curriculum to ensure future teachers and counselors are well equipped to work locally with transnational and immigrant communities as well as internationally within their fields.

The GSEC is engaged in a variety of international efforts, including international service, research/scholarship, and educational programming. Students have had the opportunity to travel with faculty to a number of countries in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Collectively, the faculty has an impressive body of literature related to international education and regularly engages in transnational collaboration on various research topics. Efforts are underway to recruit more international graduate students and create strong international partnerships, which will provide more opportunities for international exchange, student internships, and transnational research. The most recent international programming includes the launching of an international family therapy track in the Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy program which requires students to build international competence prior to traveling and working with faculty in another country, followed by a capstone in which they apply what they have learned locally or spend an internship semester abroad.