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LiveWhale Groups, what are they?

Users in LiveWhale are divided into groups representing areas to work on in the website.  A group could correspond to a department, program, office, and so forth.  Groups have their own pages, news, events, images galleries, downloads, blurbs, tags.

Note that just because you work for, say, the history department, it does not mean you are automatically in its LiveWhale group to edit its content.  You would have to be added to the group by a Web administrator from New Media or I.T.  It is easy to add new members to a group, but you do need to request it, as we limit access to only those people who are authorized website editors.

Due to the nature of working on websites, you may belong to not just one but several LiveWhale groups.  In that case you will need to switch from one group to another to edit its content.  Read more information on group switching.

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