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Righthand Navigation Menus Now Editable in LiveWhale

By Morgan Grether


After extensive and successful testing, we are happy to announce that all programs, offices, and departments now have righthand navigation menus that can be edited within LiveWhale. Previously, only members of New Media like myself could edit the menus for you, and it had to be done directly on the server. This is a much improved system, and one that gives you greater control over your own site content, as anyone authorized to edit pages within your LiveWhale group can edit navigations too.

So how do you access the navigations to edit them? Login to LiveWhale, go to the Manage Content area, click on the Pages tab, then the Your Pages sub-tab.

(The direct link is or or or depending on where your group is located within the institution.)

Once there, you can easily add, rename, reorder or remove links from your navigation.

More information may be found here:

Questions or comments? Feel free to email me at

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