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By David McKelvey

You may have noticed that as you work on pages in LiveWhale, there is a little menu item called Notes. Notes give you the ability to store page-specific little snippets not only to your pages, but to others’ pages as well. You can note something that needs attention, or tell a group that they’ve done some “Great work!”

When you enter and save a note to a page, LiveWhale will email your note to the owners of the page, letting them know what you thought of their content. So, if you do see errors or items that need fixing, or want to praise so good work, fill out a note!

Over time, these notes can become a history of the page, so we don’t recommend deleting them, even if you’ve fixed an issue that was raised. (Simply add a new note that the item has been corrected.)

New Media also uses the notes feature to handle various tasks to manage the website as a whole. For example, you might see a hashtag like #review2010, which helps us classify notes related to the site review currently underway.

You may also see notes like From: where the web address is different. We also use the page notes to store redirects. (Redirects help send site visitors using an old address to the correct newer one.) Deleting these notes is something you should only do in consultation with New Media, as their deletion will remove the redirect from our list and people will no longer find your site through old addresses they may be following or have bookmarked.

Source: LiveWhale and New Media

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