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Lewis & Clark receives $700,000 for student-faculty research

January 07, 2013

Over the next four years, Lewis & Clark will further integrate interdisciplinary research throughout the arts, humanities, and humanistic social sciences by enhancing student-faculty research opportunities in the classroom and increasing opportunities for student-faculty collaborative research in the summers. Making this all possible: a new $700,000 grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

“We firmly believe that engaging students in the practice of their discipline is the best way to prepare them for life beyond the college,” said Tuajuanda Jordan, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. “We have seen the benefits of research-rich curriculum; this grant allows us to increase these efforts in order to produce graduates in the arts and humanities with the skills, the confidence, and the desire to fulfill our institutional mission.”

The Mellon Foundation grant will provide funds to help faculty infuse collaborative research into a broad range of new and existing courses, and will support an increased number of student-faculty summer research projects. During summers, teams of at least one faculty member and one or two students will undertake unique research questions, work on digital humanities research questions with staff or library support, or work toward a conference or artistic type of presentation together. The funds will also support poster sessions, an opportunity for students to present their research results to the Lewis & Clark campus.

“Student-faculty research is seen as one of the strengths of our educational experience,” Jordan said. “Thanks to the Mellon Foundation, Lewis & Clark can ensure that students who desire this type of opportunity will have access to it. These funds will also serve as a catalyst for our efforts to build upon this strength, as identified in our recent strategic planning process.”

With this support, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation continues its long legacy of supporting and enriching the arts and humanities at Lewis & Clark. Learn about other recent Mellon grants for humanities and environmental studies.

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