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President’s Letter

June 12, 2017

  • David Ellis, Interim President
    Copyright, Steve Hambuchen

You may have heard: I recently switched offices in the Manor House.

With that I’ve gotten a whole new view that has expanded the ways I see Lewis & Clark. I’ve loved this college for a long time—working here for almost 20 years—and now I’m getting to know it in a deeper way.

I’m finding that I’m asking questions I haven’t asked before. And, as my perspective shifts, my thinking progresses. I’m expanding my knowledge and opening myself up to additional opportunities.

I believe we’re in a similar place as a community right now. This fall, we’ll begin our yearlong celebration of the 150th anniversary of our founding in Albany, Oregon. So it is an especially fitting time to reaffirm our commitment to our students and their futures, as well as our commitment to working together with purpose and respect. This is our moment to see the familiar with fresh eyes and the future as wide open.

The new graduates of our three schools are doing exactly that. As we celebrate their many accomplishments during commencement season, we also look forward to welcoming hundreds of others and their families back to campus for Alumni Weekend at the College of Arts and Sciences. I invite you to join us.

No matter where my office is, I look forward to coming to campus every day. The reason is simple: this place changes lives, and our students, faculty, and alumni change the world we live in. I come to work for the people and the difference they make, the good that they do. I also come for the opportunity, especially now, to motivate every member of our community with the sense of belonging, hope, and love for Lewis & Clark that I have.

The future of a place like this is always in all of our hands. Let’s continue to embrace that gift.

David Ellis
Interim President

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