April 01, 2021

2020 Senior Art Exhibition: Everything Must Go

Everything Must Go  showcases 14 art projects that are the product of the hard work and commitment of the art department’s 2020 graduating class.
  • Everything Must Go


This collection of works is a demonstration of these students’ distinct artistic practices and—in many ways—a culmination of the knowledge and personal experiences they have acquired throughout their studies at Lewis & Clark. Much like the main image of the brochure—a class portrait composed of one item from each of the artists’ wallets—this collection serves as a snapshot of the group’s individual and collective concerns.

Exhibition Brochure

The title, Everything Must Go, captures the sense of urgency inherent to the artworks. It is plainly visible that the students felt compelled to look more closely at their surroundings, the people around them, and the ways in which they interact. In their projects—made up of sculpture, ceramics, painting, video, and photography—they have boldly questioned and commented on their own personal relationship to our built and natural environments, and the power dynamics at play in all aspects of our existence.

While this exhibition could not be installed at the Hoffman Gallery as planned due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the students have reimagined their thesis projects in book form.

2020 Senior Art Projects Reimagined Book


Francesca Beilharz
Isabel Betsill
Orion Binder
Sam Brewer
Ashley Elizabeth Brown
Sara Gallagher
Georgia Hale
Sophie Henry
Ellery Lloyd
Joanne Sally Mero
Emma Ray-Wong
Charlotte Straus
Justin Wilson
Dylan Yamamoto


Special thanks to John and Leslie White, parents of Lauren White BA ’17, for sponsoring Everything Must Go.