A Fond Farewell to Lewis & Clark

It has been a joy and a privilege to serve as Lewis & Clark’s president these past five years.

It has been a joy and a privilege to serve as Lewis & Clark’s president these past five years. Having spent all my life in large public institutions, I always was a bit skeptical about the claims of small private colleges regarding their special culture and atmosphere. But it only took me a few weeks here to see it, feel it, and know it.

Lewis & Clark, perhaps more than almost any other small private college, really does take care of its people. I have heard more alumni stories about faculty or staff who went the extra mile during my time here than in my entire previous career. Yes, we have challenges, and, at times, we fall short. There is never enough time or money to do all we want. But boy, do we individually and collectively create amazing learning and research opportunities; outdoor adventures; professional training and internship experiences; cultural events; and deep personal connections. And not just for students, but also for the community at large, here in Portland and globally.

A president can only do so much. Elsewhere in this issue, you’ll find an overview of the main accomplishments during my time here. Obviously, all of those are the result of collective effort. A president’s main job is to offer hope and a road map to a better future. If done right, that will marshal the creativity, hard work, and generosity of the community. That’s how a better future is created.

I am so grateful to everyone who has been part of this effort. This includes the Board of Trustees, led so ably by board chair Stephanie Fowler; our many advisory councils and boards; my wonderful colleagues on the Executive Council; all of our faculty, staff, and students; and the alumni and other friends and supporters who made progress happen through their philanthropy and daily work as well as their thoughts and ideas. From the beginning, you welcomed and embraced my family and me, and we continue to love you all right back.

Next year, I will enjoy a sabbatical (my first ever!), involving lots of travel. But Alice and I will be back— in fact, our new residence is just down the street on Palatine Hill Road. I will remain involved and of service to Lewis & Clark when and where useful. With Robin Holmes-Sullivan as president, the college is in good hands, and I will do whatever I can to help her advance Lewis & Clark even further.

Again, thanks to everyone who supports this college and contributes to making it a wonderful community. Alice and I so appreciate the friendship and support you have shown us and our family. Keep Exploring for the Global Good!

Wim Wiewel