East Residence Hall

East Residence Hall holds apartment-style units that house juniors and seniors. The Office of the Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students is located on the lower level.

Room Type: Single-occupancy bedrooms in two-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments
Common Areas: Lounge, outdoor balcony

  • Apartments
  • College Outdoors sign-ups and information, lower-level lobby
  • Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students, lower level

Campus Map

Accessibility and Safety

Automatic/Assistive Door(s):
Elevator(s): yes
Public Restroom(s):
Gender-Neutral Restroom(s):
Single-Gender Restroom(s):
Stairs: yes

Closest Parking

K (Copeland), J (Howard), L (Holmes/Hartzfeld), I (Lower Templeton) is closed for the 2022 Student Center Renovation