Database Requests

Requests for donor and alumni data for mailings, solicitations, invitations, email correspondences etc. should be submitted to Advancement Services via our online form. It is our commitment to Lewis & Clark College that your request is completed on time and you are completely satisfied with the results. As all requests are important, they will be processed in the order received. Please expect at least five business days for your data request to be fulfilled.

Please note that contact information for College of Arts & Sciences alumni are only provided to the Alumni & Parent Programs and Annual Giving liaisons.  Please contact Stephen LeBoutillier for more information.

It will be helpful if you know the answers to the following questions as you fill out the list request:

1. What is the purpose of your request? How do you intend to use the data – internal purposes or an external correspondence?

2. Who do you want to receive your mailing/email?

3. Who should be excluded from your mailing/email?

4. Will you be soliciting the recipients for donations?

5. Do you want a separate mailing/email to go to each spouse? Or would you like one mailing/email addressed to the couple together?

6. Do you need the constituents receiving the correspondence to be tracked as such in the database?  If yes, then please contact Advancement Services before submitting your list request to determine how best to accomplish that.

Once you know the answers to these questions, you’re ready to request your list.  We ask that when at all possible use the online form provided via the link below.  In the event you feel your request is too complicated, please feel free to contact our Director of Advancement Services at x7925 to discuss your request.

Requests for Lists Form