Many students are concerned about how their privacy will be protected during those years when they are financially dependent on their parents/guardians.  Insurance carriers typically consider members to be adults once they turn 18, putting students in control over how their insurance information is managed.

If you are enrolled in the student health insurance plan, PacificSource will send correspondence about claims processing to the address you have on record with the College. Correspondence will NOT be sent to any other address. A student must personally contact PacificSource to change the address on file with them. To confirm the address that is on file with PacificSource, call PacificSource’s Customer Service number at 1 (855) 274-9814 Monday – Friday between 7am – 5pm (PST).

Similarly, if you are enrolled in other health insurance, after you turn 18, your insurance company should address correspondence to you personally and send it to the address the company has on file for you. If you do not want correspondence sent to your parents’/guardians’ address, call your insurance carrier to update them on your current address. Please note that you can change your address with your insurance company even before you turn 18.

Your parents/guardians cannot automatically view details of your claims online. If you would like your parents/guardians to be able to access this information, you can create an online account with your insurance company and give your parents/guardians permission to view the information. However, even if your parents/guardians cannot see the specific details on your insurance claims, if you are a dependent on their policy, they will still be able to see the totals that have accumulated under the categories such as “family deductibles” and “out-of- pocket expenses.” If they pay close attention to these figures, your parents/guardians may know that the insurance has paid additional claims for you.

If you have further questions about your privacy with regards to your insurance carrier, we suggest you contact their customer service department. They will be able to discuss your options with you. For students enrolled in the student health insurance plan, the customer service department for PacificSource can be reached at (855) 274-9814 Monday – Friday between 7am – 5pm (PST).