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What is Data Governance?

The policies and procedures related to collecting, storing, protecting, using, and sharing data are collectively referred to as data governance.  [See full institutional policy here]

Guiding Principles

At Lewis & Clark College, data is an institutional asset that must be accurate, universally defined and understood, integrated between systems, available to appropriate stakeholders, and stored securely.  All data users in the Lewis & Clark Community are expected to adhere to the guiding principles. 

Data Governance Structure at LC

As authorized by the Executive Council and reporting up through the IT Governance Council, the Institutional Data Standards Council (IDSC) is responsible for data governance, including setting policies and procedures, to enable the campus community to uphold the Institution’s data strategy. This council is responsible for making high-level, guiding decisions about how institutional data is used and for any major changes in data strategy. Subcommittees, consisting of members from the IDSC in conjunction with appropriate data stewards, will work to improve our data operations.

[Current IDSC and Data Steward Membership]

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The charge of the Institutional Data Standards Council (IDSC) is to establish and maintain policies and consistent practices across the institution related to four broad domains: Data security, data use, data quality, and data flow. In so doing, it is expected that the IDSC will engage in activities that include coordinating consensus across campus; resolving conflicts; developing policy; raising awareness, and educating the College about data security and usage. IDSC is co-chaired by the Information Security Officer and the Director of Institutional Research and Planning.


IDSC Projects


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