Pandemic Quilt

During the academic school year (2021-2022) Art for Social Change & the Art Therapy Department will host a series of sewing circles virtually, on campus and in the community. Our intention is to create multiple quilts to represent how the pandemic has exacerbated and brought to light longstanding and detrimental effects injustice, inequity and oppression in the United States.

Our collective voices will stitch together our stories and lived experiences, raising critical consciousness of the inequities felt across racial, social, political, economic and cultural differences.

We are planning a regional Art Therapy Symposium in May 2022 when we intend to display some of the quilts to the public.

Starting in October 2021 we will host weekly virtual sessions from 3-6pm every Thursday to create together in our Art for Social Change Open Studio. Register here

Past Events

September 1, 2021

Sewing Circle (for LC Faculty and Staff)

Making Visible the Intersectional Impacts of Inequity and Oppression Amidst a Pandemic
August 17, 2021

Art for Social Change Bi-Weekly Meeting (Open to LC Community)

For the summer of 2021 The Art for Social Change committee meets bi-weekly to discuss ways and means of creating and supporting anti-racist and social justice events on our campus and beyond using art for healing.
August 6, 2021

Quilting For Change (LC Staff Event)

Making Visible the Intersectional Impacts of Inequity & Oppression Amidst a Pandemic


Quilting For Change

Our first Quilt for Change event happened on August 6, 2021 in a tent by York at the Graduate School at Lewis & Clark College.

How to Make a Quilt Square

Don’t know how to make a quilt square? Read our Zine!