Prevention and Education

Lewis & Clark is committed to creating a campus without sexual or interpersonal violence.

What would our institution look like if we achieved this mission?

  • All community members will know what healthy sexuality and healthy relationships look like.
  • Interpersonal violence will not be an obstacle to any community member achieving excellence in their education or work.
  • All community members will know what their options are in the event that they experience sexual or interpersonal violence.
  • All community members will know what their responsibilities are in the event they witness sexual or interpersonal violence.
  • No matter where or who they disclose sexual or interpersonal violence to, survivors are met with understanding, support, and trauma-informed resources.
  • The general culture of L&C becomes such that all community members know that sexual and interpersonal violence is not tolerated or accepted here.

In pursuit of this goal, we offer multiple opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to engage in proactive prevention initiatives.