Confidential Advocates

Any Lewis & Clark community member may speak with a Confidential Advocate, whether you are a survivor, a friend of a survivor, a concerned student, or a faculty or staff member. All interactions with a CA are confidential.

Confidential Advocates are trained to respond to and support sexual and interpersonal violence survivors. Each Confidential Advocate values and understands diverse perspectives, experiences, and identities. CAs are not here to tell you what to do. Instead, they offer non-judgmental support and help you understand your options. They will offer you overall assistance, support, information, and follow-up regarding any form of sexual and interpersonal violence as outlined in the Lewis & Clark College Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Learn more about CA confidentiality.


To get in contact with one of our confidential advocates, please email

To best maintain privacy, you do not need to provide detailed information when you first contact the advocates, and you only need to share what you feel comfortable sharing. If there is an advocate that best aligns with your identities, you can request to specifically meet with them in your email. We want to ensure that every survivor feels comfortable with their advocate, but please be mindful that some advocates may be at their capacity supporting other students and work obligations.

We will do our best to respond to your email within 1-2 business days to connect you with an advocate. Once connected with an advocate, you will work with your advocate to determine the best meeting times and methods that work best for your schedules. This email is monitored Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM. If you need support after hours or over the weekend, Call to Safety operates a 24-hr hotline (1-888-235-5333).

Please note that an individual CA’s availability varies according to the academic calendar.  Availability is noted with the individual’s contact information.  See the key below for clarification:

  • Available = available most days/weeks with some exceptions
  • Partially Available = available for parts of the term, away for others
  • Unavailable = not available for current term

Image of Michelle: A woman with shoulder length curled brunette hair wearing a green sweater Michelle Callahan (she/her/hers), Available
Director of Health Promotion and Wellness
(w) 503-768-7107

Michelle recently joined Lewis and Clark as the Director of Health Promotion and Wellness in April 2022. She holds a Masters in Public Health from OHSU-PSU School of Public Health, with a concentration in sexual and reproductive health and gender and sexual minority health. Her public health interests include sexual and reproductive health, gender and sexual minority (LGBTQ+) health, health equity and intersectionality, anti-fat bias and weight stigma, and much more. Michelle is also certified in public health (CPH) and a certified health education specialist (CHES).

While not at work, Michelle enjoys spending time with my two furbabies, Iyla (a 3-year-old rescue German Shepard mix) and Esmerelda (an 9-year-old Ragdoll cat) and partner at home. Michelle practices self-care with activities such as hiking, cooking, baking, traveling, watching documentaries/docuseries, listening to podcasts (specifically Maintenance Phase), and audiobooks (currently listening to “You Just Need to Lose Weight” and 19 Other Myths About Fat People by Aubrey Gordon).


A photo of a woman with short hair wearing thick-rimmed glasses and a dark sweater Robin Anderson (they/them/their), Available
Student Employment Coordinator
Watzek Library
(w) 503-768-7341, (c) 612-968-8562

Robin has been at Lewis & Clark since 2019, working evenings at Watzek Library as its Student Employment Coordinator. They hold a BA in History from Carleton College, and a Masters in Library and Information Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Off-campus, Robin volunteers with Multnomah County Library and Vote Forward. In their spare time, Robin enjoys live theatre, vegan food, reading graphic novels, and contemplating their next tattoo.


Kimberly Brodkin (she/her/hers), Available
Associate Professor with Term of Humanities,
College of Arts and Sciences
(w) 503-768-7678, (c) 503-853-3266

Kim has been at Lewis & Clark since 2002, teaching introductory and advanced courses in Gender Studies, Ethnic Studies, History, and the Core program. Kim holds a PhD in U.S. and Women’s/Gender History, though she loves dedicating her teaching energies to interdisciplinary courses that draw upon multiple fields of inquiry. Kim also serves as faculty director of the Gender Studies Symposium and Ray Warren Symposium on Race and Ethnic Studies, in addition to supporting students in their work with the Feminist Student Union, Disabled Students Union, and Synergia: Journal of Gender Thought and Expression. Away from campus, Kim keeps busy with her partner and two children.


Photo of Jaime Cale - a woman standing in front of Crater Lake wearing sunglasses and a grey shir... Jaime Cale (she/her/hers), Available
Program Director
Office of Equity and Inclusion
(w) 503-768-7186

Jaime joined Lewis and Clark in November of 2021, as program director of the Office of Equity and Inclusion. She holds a Master of Social Work from PSU, and has experience in medical, community and educational social work. In addition, Jaime is an advocate and organizer, mutual aid founder, facilitator, and mediator.

Jaime identifies as a Black and Indigenous cis-hetero female. When not fighting for social justice and oppressive systems, Jaime enjoys spending time with her husband, two teen boys, and the dog and cat. You can usually find her buried in a book, crochet, or cooking project.


An image of Steph in a cornfield with her hands in her back pockets. She is where a white shirt t... Steph Hawk (she/her/hers), Available
Graduate Assistant
Health Promotion and Wellness

Steph is a second-year graduate student in the Marriage, Couples, & Family Therapy Program here at L&C. Her background is in suicide prevention and working with kids through mental health challenges. As a queer, white, able-bodied, cis-gender woman, Steph recognizes that her appearance carries privilege in the world and that there are many experiences she will never fully understand. Steph’s aim in life is to explore with families how the language we use can perpetuate oppressive stories in our lives and give our power away. She believes that access to change and healing is a human right. Currently, Steph is the Graduate Assistant for the Office of Health Promotion & Wellness and has many fun fidgets and coloring books in her office.

She and her partner enjoy taking their three ferrets (Rose, Thorne, and Daffodil aka Daffy) or their cat (Macie) on walks around the neighborhood. She is almost always listening to music and when she isn’t, you still may notice her break out in a small dance to whatever song is stuck in her head.


Laura Shier (she/her/hers), Available
Academic English Studies
(w) 503-768-7319

Laura has been at Lewis & Clark since 2014, serving as the director for the Academic English Studies Department. She has 30 years of experience as an instructor and program administrator, working with international and non-native speakers of English in higher education settings in the U.S. and abroad. She uses her intercultural knowledge and communication skills to help students understand and navigate American culture both on and off campus. She served on Lewis & Clark’s Committee for Diversity and Inclusion for 4 years. She also has volunteered at public schools in college advising and served as a board member for a public state charter school.


Hilary Hilary Martin Hilman (she/her/hers), Unavailable
Chaplain & Director of Spiritual Life
(w) 503-502-9009

Hilary has been at Lewis & Clark since 2014, working in the Office of Spiritual Life. She holds a Master of Education from Oregon State University in College Student Services Administration and a Master of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School. Hilary’s interests at Lewis & Clark have centered on helping others make meaning and ask the big questions, as well as acting for social change. She identifies as LGBTQ+ and is also an ordained clergy. Hilary spends time away from Lewis & Clark with her family, taking walks with her spouse and two kids, reading books, dabbling in collage, dreaming about going to live theater, and facilitating InterPlay.