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Logging into LiveWhale

To log into LiveWhale, enter the address of the web site you want to generate content for, followed by “/livewhale”. For example, if your site is located at, you will find the LiveWhale login for at:

Simply type your @lclark username and password in the fields provided and then click “Sign in”.

How to Log In

Once logged in, you may click “Logout” at the top righthand corner of the screen to log back out.

For security purposes, remember to not leave yourself logged in at an unattended computer, and avoid logging in on public terminals.

Logging out of a page

Here’s how to log out of LiveWhale from within LiveWhale.

Log Out from LiveWhale

You can also log into LiveWhale by clicking on the “Editor login” button at the bottom of any page on

Logging in from a Page

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LiveWhale Support

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