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Creating a Blurb

From the LiveWhale interface, click the “Blurbs” tab. (If the Blurbs tab does not appear, the administrator has not assigned the blurbs module to you.)

The manage blurbs screen will list all blurb types in your group, along with the total number of blurbs you have of that type. If you do not yet have a blurb type, you must first add one.

Click a blurb type to view a list of blurbs.

Click “Add a new blurb”

Fill out the form with the relevant information for your blurb.

  • Enter the title of the blurb. 
  • Enter the main body text of the blurb.
  • Tag the blurb with any relevant tags. You can click in the field labeled “Tags” and type a keyword; tags will be suggested to you. If you are unsure what tags are available in your group, click “Show all tags” to display them all and select the relevant ones.
  • Scroll back up and find the status menu at the top righthand corner of the screen. Choose the status for this blurb. “Live” will publish the blurb immediately. “Hidden” will hide it from the web site until you are ready to publish it. “Scheduled for…” will allow you to select a “go-live” date and time when the blurb should go live and publish itself.
  • Under the section labeled “Blurb date”, enter the date of this blurb.
  • Under the section labeled “Related content”, use the search box provided to attach any relevant related content to this blurb.

When done, click the “Save this blurb” button.

If this content is especially important and you wish to flag it as such on your web site, click the star in the section labeled “Star content” in order to highlight it. By default this content will be shareable. If you wish to make it non-shareable, click the globe labeled “Share content” to un-highlight it.

If you wish to suggest this content to other groups, select those groups under the section called “Suggest this item to the following groups”. For more information about sharing, see “Sharing your content with other groups”.

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