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Working with Event Registration

When events are flagged as allowing registrations (see “Registering for events”), these registrations will be collected and become manageable in LiveWhale.

  • From the LiveWhale interface, click the “Events” tab. (If the Events tab does not appear, the administrator has not assigned the events module to you.)
  • Click the “Registrations” link beneath the tab bar.
  • The manage event registrations screen has a “Show” dropdown menu that will allow you to find events occurring at specific times (next 30 days, last 30 days, etc.)
  • Once you find the event you are looking for, its title, date, and number of registrants will be displayed.
  • Click the title of the event to view the list of registrants.

The registrant list will display the total number of people expected to attend, as well as the total number of registrants marked as having attended the event.

Each registrant is listed with their name, status, e-mail, phone, and any comments they might have added when signing up.

To edit any of these attributes, click the name of the registrant, make the necessary modifications, and click the “Save this registrant” button.

Registrants’ status can be changed using the checkbox next to their name. Check the box next to the registrants you wish to perform a bulk action on. Using the “With checked items…” menu the following actions can be applied: Cancel Registration, Re-confirm Registration (if previously canceled), Delete Registration, Mark as ATTENDED, and Mark as DID NOT ATTEND.

Printable lists of registrants are available by clicking the “Printable List of Registrants” link at the bottom of the page.


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