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Getting Your Event on the Event Screens

When you add a new event in LiveWhale, it automatically appears in two places: 1) your group’s event pages and 2) the central calendar.

But how can you get your events to also display on the flatscreen digital TV screens across campus?

To post your event on the digital screens, you need to fill out one extra field in LiveWhale. In addition to the location, you should plot your event on a map. As long as you plot the event locally, it will appear on the screen. (The screens are not intended to give a picture of everything that is happening, like the central calendar, but merely Portland events; we do not want them to show LC-related activities in Tokyo, Seattle, etc.)

For example:
Say you make an event and type in the location as “Miller 101.” You will see in the field “Plot this event on a map?” that a new line has appeared: “Map this to Miller Hall?” Click Okay, save it, and your event will be sent to the screens.


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