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Upgrade to LiveWhale!

By Morgan Grether


Ladies and gentleman, it’s time for another upgrade to our LiveWhale content management system. The exact date is to be determined but it will be within the next two weeks, as we move from version 1.4.1 to 1.4.2.

A great deal of improvements are in store for all of us, including:

  • Better page drafts
  • Easier editing of tables
  • More righthand navigation control (rolling out to everyone as the semester progress)
  • Maps from LiveWhale Places
  • Better forms
  • Better widget management, including inline galleries (which previously only I could install for you)
  • Dropping the Flash Player plugin (so you no longer have to worry about that going out of date)

And much more!

Find the announcement from White Whale (the makers of LiveWhale) here:

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