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Recent Updates to LiveWhale

By Morgan Grether


From Alex at White White:
Here are the remaining patches that I’ve delivered this morning:

- IE8 support in LiveWhale backend.
- Small images are no longer upscaled in the sidebar of the images editor.
- Fix for missing fields highlighting.
- Fix for reported double-scrollbars on tags.
- FF issue with gray background around image preview in the image editor.
- Fixed CSS issue with editing an event series.
- “1 of 1″ images no longer displays on the frontend web site…
- Added format/format_starred to widget editor. (Though this should allow you to start saving widgets with custom format args, we will likely evolve the interface for the format args in a later version of LiveWhale.)

Also, Alex is working with us on some changes to page creation, which I will post about very soon.


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