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LiveWhale 1.3.5 Update – Scheduled for April 20, 5p PST

By Morgan Grether


Below is an email from Alex at White Whale about the next update to LiveWhale: version 1.3.5.  This will be coming soon to Lewis & Clark.


LiveWhale 1.3.5 Changes:


- The forms module now supports enforcing of secure SSL when desired.

- Images in the WYSIWYG editor may now be aligned using the toolbar buttons.

- Enabled spell-checking in the WYSIWYG editor.

- It is now possible to add custom styles to TinyMCE in the pages editor.

- Added date_format arg to events, news, blurbs widgets. Date format modifiers should be formatted as %d, %m, etc. HTML is allowed in the formatting. An example is available as part of the widget documentations:

- The feeds widget is now able to access custom fields in an RSS feed from the format arg. The format variable name matches the RSS field name.

- In the Pages manager, the directory browser and “Your Pages” have switched positions. (In version 1.4 of LiveWhale, broader changes will be made to these interfaces based on feedback and discussion we have had over the past year.)

- Twitter widget! This widget lets you embed a Twitter stream in your web page, by specifying username(s), mention(s), or search phrases (which can be hashtags). The documentation is online here:

Bug fixes:

- LiveWhale now converts line feeds and carriage returns within imported ICAL events.
- Previewing an image widget from the widget manager did not work, due to an overly aggressive security mechanism.
- Implemented a workaround for the caching of 404 responses, which failed under some versions of PHP due to default PHP behavior changes.
- Fixed a bug where newly added tags were not restored upon a failed submission of a news story, etc.
- Fixed a bug where the tags widget did not account for “group” args once you clicked to view details.


- Completely retooled the WYSIWYG editor for stability and performance.

P.S. White Whale has been hard at work developing the next major release, LiveWhale 1.4, and we’re very excited to share further details about that in the near future! Stay tuned…

Alexander Romanovich •
Technical Director
White Whale Web Services, Inc.

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