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By David McKelvey


When we threw up the Chronicle in LiveWhale about a month ago, we did it quickly. We needed the content live and what with timing, didn’t have the time to do a proper re-imagining of the online presence of the Alumni magazine.

Now, we’re embarking on a redesign to not only think about appearance, but also about the functions and features it offers to readers. We’re definitely going to have to include some social media, as that seems to be the hot new thing in the market, but I haven’t seen any magazine or newspaper out there really get the print-to-online or online-to-print thing right yet, so it’s not something that others aren’t challenged with as well.

I’ve started a list on my delicious to chronicle (oh, so bad) finding other magazines and seeing what they are up to. (Read the notes to see what I thought of the site.) PubCom will be brainstorming next week. I’d love to get others’ thoughts on these too.

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