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Snapshot of Spring and Summer Projects

This morning we rolled out some styling on Twitter widgets, a minor but fun tweak that can breathe a little visual life on a page. (See an example on the bottom of the New Media page.) And as the year progresses many other widgets and commonly used tools on your sites will get special styling.  

We at New Media have a busy spring and summer planned, all towards helping your department or office better tell your story to prospective students. For example:

  • A variety of new standard page templates 
  • New types of LiveWhale widgets to drop into your sites
  • Improvements to events lists and calendaring
  • A page of events, news, and resources for current CAS students
  • New top “meta” navigation throughout the institution
  • Major server-side changes to make the site more stable, healthy, and sustainable
  • Faculty and staff profiles
  • New homepage for the law school
  • An improved, streamlined Source

There are many more things of course going on (here are a few more), but this gives you a snapshot!

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