April 19, 2013

Deserved Distinctions

Pioneers garner international recognition for academic excellence and service.
  • Hillary Patin in Bhutan after her 2011 overseas program in India

Our students and young alumni are winning a bevy of awards from prestigious organizations such as the Goldwater, Gates, Luce, and National Science Foundations. The honorees cite their close work with professors and overseas study opportunities as key factors in their success.

Learn more about some of our award recipients—and how Lewis & Clark prepared them.


Fulbright Awards:
Molli Bauke ’13
Myles Creed BA ’11
Claire de Louraille BA ’12 
Kat Heinrichs BA ’12
Dharma Khalsa ’12


“I love learning lan-
guages because I can get to know people so much better in their own tongue,” says Creed, who will be teaching English in Belgium. Other teaching assistantships: Bauke and Heinrichs in Austria, de Louraille in Sri Lanka, and Khalsa in South Korea.

Goldwater Scholarship: Kyla Hamling ’14

On doing independent research with Tamily Weissman-Unni, assis-
tant professor of biology: “This has been the most valuable experience in my college career and has enriched the educa-
tion I get in the class-
room, making me much more passionate about the process of scientific research.”

Luce Scholarship: Megan Mills-Novoa BA ’09

Majored in environmental studies and studied abroad in Cuba. “My Lewis & Clark education empowered me to take ownership for my own educational and profes-
sional journey. …This sense of empowerment was forged through the support of professors and peers at Lewis & Clark who challenged me to be a more thoughtful, engaged, and grounded student, citizen, and activist.”

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships: Laura Bogar BA ’12
Alyssa G. Kent BA ’11

Bogar on one outcome of her undergraduate re-
search: “Lewis & Clark helped me figure out the strengths and interests that will define my career: science, education, and the environment are among them.” Kent on her Lewis & Clark influ-
ences: “I discovered my interest in biology while snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef during my semester abroad on the Australia overseas program.”

Gates Cambridge Scholarship: Isaac Holeman BA ’09

Cofounded Medic Mobile, a social enterprise that uses communication technologies to improve the health of underserved communities, during his senior year. “I frequently rely on lessons associ-
ated with conversations and specific professors
…[who] helped me gain confidence in my own ability to ask questions and pursue answers rather than waiting to be told what to ask and what correct answer to memorize.”

100 Projects for Peace Grant Initiative: Miranda Benson ’13 Hillary Patin ’14

On Lewis & Clark’s inter-
disciplinary approach:
“[It] allowed us to make connections across a variety of academic de-
partments. These con-
nections and our experi-
ence on the study abroad [program] inspired us to go back to India to give women the tools to further embrace the growing movement for Indian women’s rights.” 

President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll

Lewis & Clark students also are earning recog-
nition for their outstand-
ing combined efforts. “We value active parti-
cipation,” says Minda Heyman, director of the Center for Career and Community Engagement. “This honor serves as a reminder of what we already know—that powerful relationships and social capital are crucial components for community building and collective action locally, nationally, and globally.”


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