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Major Upgrade to LiveWhale, 7/15-7/19/2013

by Morgan S. Grether

As a precursor to our refresh of the website design next month, we are making a major upgrade to our LiveWhale content management system over the next few days. We apologize for any temporary issues associated with the work. 

Because of the size of the project, we will have to turn off LiveWhale editing for a while, perhaps as long as 72 hours. 

The upgrade includes:

  • launching the new Profiles module to handle faculty and staff bios
  • streamlining the multiple ways page titles are created into one
  • rebuilding the “Go” URL-shortening service
  • rebuilding redirects and how the 404-error message works
  • rebuilding the software running the events TV screens
  • allowing departments to edit their own contact information
  • …and more!  


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