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Managing Places

When users add news, events, etc. to LiveWhale, they are able to plot their content on a map. By adding new Places to the Places library, they will be able to use existing, standardized locations to map their content to, and will not have to supply their own.

From the LiveWhale interface, click the “Places” link.

The manage places screen will list all places in your institution.

From left to right, each file displays:

  • A checkbox allowing you to select multiple places and perform bulk actions from the “With checked items…” dropdown menu. Check the checkbox next to the places you wish to apply an action to, then select the desired action from this menu and click the “Go” button. Use the “select all” link to select all items in the list.
  • A satellite image of the place.
  • Title of the place. Click the title to edit it.
  • If the place has keywords, a list of these keywords will appear beside it. Clicking a keyword will tell the places manager to only show places with that keyword.
  • If any content is mapped to this place, those statistics will be displayed.

To add a new place, click the “Add a New Place” link.

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