November 05, 2020

Being a Responsible Employee Is a Balancing Act

Every week this month, we will be giving you information about what it means to be a Responsible Employee, and how to balance the goal of providing compassionate support to students while following the rules of Title IX reporting. Start by reading through the Responsible Employee FAQ and resources. While you’re there, bookmark the page for regular review!

Did you know that as a staff or faculty member of Lewis & Clark, you are a Responsible Employee*?

This means you have an obligation to notify Title IX Coordinator Casey Bieberich when there has been a violation of the Sexual Misconduct Policy.**

Remember: We respect an individual’s agency and choice, and notifying the Title IX Coordinator or a Deputy Coordinator does NOT automatically initiate an investigation or action. Reporting simply allows the person best equipped to offer resources to reach out and ensure that an individual affected by sexual misconduct knows all of their options.

Next week: What do I report?

*Unless you are a designated confidential resource in Health Services, Counseling, Confidential Advocates, spiritual advisors (Spiritual Life), and the Ombuds Office.

**In addition to our Sexual Misconduct Policy, please note that we also have a Workplace Discrimination and Harassment Policy.