April 08, 2022

Community Dialogues 1 Committee

A committee of students, staff, and faculty from all three schools and common services created to explore the meaning and significance of the name and history of Lewis and Clark.

On April 11-12, 2022, community members meet for Community Dialogue 1: The Meaning of Lewis and Clark and Community Dialogue in Action. This two-part event is designed as the first of a series of LC community dialogues about challenging topics.


April 8, 2022 Zoom recording of small group discussion:

April 11, 2022 Zoom recording of Community Dialogue 1: The Meaning of Lewis and Clark:


The committee is made up of the following members:

  • Lisa Benjamin, assistant professor of law
  • Janet Bixby, associate dean and associate professor of education, co-chair
  • Mary Bodine-Watts BA ’09, JD ’13, adjunct law faculty
  • Hollie Elliott MA ’16, associate vice president for admissions, CAS
  • Neeka Dabiri, law student
  • Amy Dvorak, sustainability director
  • Mollie Galloway, associate professor and chair of educational leadership
  • Rachel Greben, contract administrative specialist, GSEC
  • Sarah Lind-MacMillan BA ’22, associated student body president
  • Caroline Lobdell, adjunct law faculty
  • Kayleigh McCauley, associate dean of students, executive director of the Center for Social Change and Community Involvement
  • Rafe McCullough, assistant professor, GSEC
  • Michelle McKelvey, Graduate Student Union Network
  • Shelly Meyer, L&C Magazine Editor
  • Mitch Reyes, professor and department chair, Rhetoric and Media Studies
  • Jim Spencer BA ’85, Board of Trustees
  • Janet Steverson, Douglas K. Newell Professor of Teaching Excellence, co-chair

For more information, contact Janet Bixby at bixby@lclark.edu.