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  Wim Wiewel
  Phone: 503-768-7680

Vice President for Business and Finance, and Treasurer

  Alan Finn
  Phone: 503-768-7827

Vice President, Chief of Staff, Board Secretary, and General Counsel

  David Reese
  Phone: 503-768-7680

Dean of the Graduate School of Education and Counseling

  Scott Fletcher
  Phone: 503-768-6004

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

  Bruce Suttmeier
  Phone: 503-768-7100

Dean of the Law School

  Jennifer Johnson
  Phone: 503-768-6601

Dean of Diversity and Inclusion

  Janet Steverson
  Phone: 503-768-6667

Vice President for Institutional Advancement

  Josh Walter
  Phone: 503-768-7921

Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students

  Robin Holmes-Sullivan
  Phone: 503-768-7110

Vice President and Dean for Enrollment Management

  Lisa Meyer
  Phone: 503-768-7056

Ex Officio Members

Associate Vice President for Institutional Research and Planning

  Mark Figueroa
  Phone: 503-768-7676

Associate Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications

  Joe Becker
  Phone: 503-768-7971


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