Supporting Statements

Anne Bentley

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Member of the Presidential Search Committee

“In her work as vice president for student life and dean of students, Robin has established a climate of trust and respect across campus. She is both charismatic and a careful listener; she has the emotional intelligence and compassion it will take to lead our community in conversations about our future. Robin is fiercely committed to Lewis & Clark and invested in our success.”

Andrea Dooley

Chief Financial Officer, Vice President of Operations, and Member of the Presidential Search Committee

“Robin has earned the deep support and admiration of all of us at Lewis & Clark who have worked with her over the past three years. She is a person of vision and unwavering integrity, and has passion for students and for the ability of higher education to change lives. Together with the other members of the executive leadership team, I am thrilled to have Robin be the next president of Lewis & Clark, and look forward to working together to build an even brighter future for the college.”

Scott Fletcher

Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Education

“The selection of our colleague, Robin Holmes-Sullivan, as the incoming president of Lewis & Clark is an extraordinary moment in the history of the college. She is so well prepared, on so many levels, to lead the institution. Her understanding of the student experience, her preparation to handle the complex demands of higher education leadership, and her intimate knowledge of Lewis & Clark’s mission and culture are all critical elements in building our collective vision of the college’s future. I look forward with great enthusiasm to Robin’s leadership in her new role as president.”

Stephanie Fowler MA ’97

Chair of the Board of Trustees

“Robin rose immediately to the top of an impressive field of candidates. Through her management of campus crises large and small, Robin has proven herself to be a natural leader who knows how to bring people together to get things done, even in the most challenging circumstances.

“She cares deeply about our students. She has profound respect for our faculty and the primary role they play in making Lewis & Clark the special place it is. She admires the dedication and hard work of the staff who make it all possible.

“And while Robin will be a new leader for a new time, she understands our culture and has a deep appreciation for the learning traditions that have made Lewis & Clark the outstanding liberal arts college it is today.”

Paula Hayes BS ’92

Trustee and Cochair of the Presidential Search Committee

Robin possesses a skillset that makes her uniquely qualified to lead Lewis & Clark through the complex issues facing higher education now and into the future. She has the potential to become one of the most consequential leaders in the history of the institution.”

Jennifer Johnson

Dean and Erskine Wood Sr. Professor of Law

“I am thrilled that our Board of Trustees has named Robin Holmes-Sullivan as our next college president. Robin is a proven, dynamic leader with a great wealth of experience in higher education. As a valued member of our community, Robin will launch her presidency with a unique depth of knowledge and understanding about our school. I have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Robin on our executive team for the past three years and look forward with enthusiasm to working with her as our new president.”

Sarah Lind-MacMillan BA ’22

International Affairs Major and Member of the Presidential Search Committee

“I am excited to see the future of Lewis & Clark College with Robin as its leader. The student experience is one of the most important components of a successful institution, and I know Robin’s previous student life administration experience will be important in this new role. Robin’s familiarity with the campus culture and vision for the future gives students great confidence in her ability to guide this school.”

Patrick Mahaffy BA ’85

Trustee and Cochair of the Presidential Search Committee

“Robin deeply impressed the search committee throughout the process. She earned this appointment through her eminent qualifications, the strength of her reputation and support on campus, and by outperforming an incredibly strong pool of excellent candidates. She will be a transformative president at a critical time of great challenge and opportunity for Lewis & Clark.”

Janet Napolitano

Former President and Professor of Public Policy, University of California, and Former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security

“Robin Holmes-Sullivan is an excellent choice to be the next president of Lewis & Clark College. She possesses the leadership, vision, and personal qualities that one wants in a college leader. Robin did an admirable job when she led the UC Office of Student Affairs and she will do the same at Lewis & Clark College. I can’t think of a better selection.”

Chris Ohman BS ’77

Trustee, Chair of the Board of Alumni, and Member of the Presidential Search Committee

“Robin’s deep connection to the Lewis & Clark student experience gives her a unique view of the alumni connection, and an appreciation for the value alumni bring to current students and to one another. I look forward to her leadership in deepening the ties between alumni and Lewis & Clark.”

Bruce Suttmeier

Dean of the College and Associate Professor of Japanese

“Robin is so good at seeing the big picture. She understands our students and she understands our community of scholars. She understands the transformative power of a liberal arts education and our mission as a college. But what’s so special about Robin is how she combines this vision with an on-the-ground good sense, and a collaborative, collegial approach to facing challenges and enacting change. These values are what make a great leader, and I couldn’t be happier with her selection as our next president.”

Danielle Torres

Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Member of the Presidential Search Committee

Dr. Holmes-Sullivan impressed the selection committee with her depth of experience in the areas of student support services and track record of success with diversity, equity, and inclusion work, combined with her relational style and competitive attitude. As a faculty member of color, it is especially meaningful to see Dr. Holmes-Sullivan step into the role of president. Her perspective and lived experience as a woman of color is both a necessary and welcome historical first for the college. She is someone who will lead with intentionality, and will further place inclusion, access, and community at the forefront of our school’s identity going forward. We are fortunate to have her serve as our next president.”

Wim Wiewel

President Emeritus, Lewis & Clark

“I’m thrilled with Robin’s appointment as my successor. When we hired her three years ago, we knew she was a star, and she has exceeded our expectations. Her vision of the importance of students’ sense of belonging will be key to Lewis & Clark’s success in the years to come. She has shown amazing ability to get buy-in for this vision, spearheading the Templeton renovation, creating the First-Year Experience, and establishing the Center for Social Change and Community Engagement. She played a leading role in making Lewis & Clark one of the most successful colleges in the country in responding to COVID-19. In these tumultuous times, especially in regard to student issues, I can’t think of a more level-headed and experienced leader than Robin. I look forward to working closely with her in the months ahead to make this a very smooth and successful transition.”

Tung Yin

Professor of Law and Member of the Presidential Search Committee

“Dr. Holmes-Sullivan has a clear vision of where Lewis & Clark needs to be to meet the challenges and opportunities of this century. It’s going to be an honor and privilege to follow her leadership!”