Campus Safety Overview

Campus Safety/Visitor Information is located at the Gate 3 entrance of the Lewis & Clark College undergraduate campus. The office is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Ten uniformed Campus Safety officers, five dispatchers, and a director provide around-the-clock patrol and services to the campus community.

Campus Safety officers and dispatchers are responsible for a full range of safety services to the Lewis & Clark community, including all crime report investigations, medical emergencies, fire emergencies, traffic accidents, safety escorts, and enforcement of all College policies, including those relating to alcohol use, drug use, and weapons possession.

Campus Safety officers submit incident reports on all crimes on campus reported to the department. These incident reports are filed with the Portland Police Bureau and automatically become part of its record-keeping process. All serial numbers of vehicles and office equipment stolen from campus are reported through the Portland Police Bureau to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC.)

All criminal activity, suspicious activity, and other emergencies on campus should be reported directly to the Office of Campus Safety by any member or guest of the Lewis & Clark community. Please dial extension 7777 for all emergency or service calls, 24-hours a day or from off-campus dial 503-768-7777. Campus Safety officers will meet you anywhere on campus to investigate and inquire about any of these events. Please dial extension 7855 for all non-emergency business calls 24-hours a day, or from off-campus dial 503-768-7855.

All Campus Safety officers hold an Unarmed Private Security Professional license though DPSST. They have the same arrest powers as a private citizen as provided in the Oregon Revised Statutes 133.225.

The Office of Campus Safety reports to the Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students , Robin Holmes-Sullivan. Campus Safety staff work closely with all departments of the College to assure that safety policy and procedures are uniformly executed and conveyed to all the College’s students, faculty, and staff in a clear and consistent manner.

Statement of Values

The Lewis & Clark College Office of Campus Safety exists to serve the campus community by protecting life and property, preventing crime, enforcing laws, and maintaining general order for all members of the community. Central to our mission are the values that guide our work and our decisions. In turn these values contribute to the quality of life at Lewis & Clark.

We value:




Human Life


Laws and the Constitution

Problem Solving