September 01, 2011

NSF TUES Program Grant to Jens Mache

NSF TUES Program grant to Jens Mache

The National Science Foundation’s TUES program (Transforming Undergraduate Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) has awarded the College a $117,549 in support of Jens Mache’s project on parallel programming. Dr. Mache, Professor of Computer Science, will collaborate with Knox College in Illinois on this three-year project, “Collaborative Research: Responding to Manycore: Teaching parallel computing with higher-level languages and activity-based laboratories”. The grant will support development, assessment, and dissemination of curricular materials that introduce parallel programming using higher level programming languages at the undergraduate level. The project, which will involve undergraduate students each summer, addresses the need to transform undergraduate education in computer science in response to a major shift in computer hardware to focus on the multicore processor and parallel programming. More information about this project is available here (August 2011)