September 08, 2011

President announces scholarship for student engagement

President Glassner has announced a one-time President’s Scholarship for Student Engagement, providing two $10,000 scholarships to students with sophomore standing.

President Glassner has announced a one-time President’s Scholarship for Student Engagement. Two $10,000 scholarships are to be awarded to students with sophomore standing in 2011-12 for use in their junior year.

Glassner explained that the award is intended to honor students for exemplary engagement with the liberal arts inside and outside the classroom. The awards are renewable for the senior year based on continued excellence, making this a $20,000 scholarship for the students who earn it.

Awardees will be determined through a process of faculty nomination and assessment. Current faculty members are invited to nominate advisees or students they know from classroom experience or the student’s involvement in campus extracurricular activities. A group of emeriti faculty who themselves have demonstrated commitment to the College’s liberal arts mission will review applications from nominated students who meet the GPA requirement of 3.25 or better. Finally, the emeriti faculty member committee will recommend recipients to President Glassner.

“Sophomore year is a time when college students are sometimes tempted to disengage,” Glassner said. “This award is meant to recognize students with sophomore standing who have demonstrated a level of excellence in their engagement with the full liberal arts experience, inside and outside the classroom, and to encourage them in their devotion to our common enterprise.”

The scholarship is awarded regardless of financial need. However, the total scholarship and grant funds received by a student from all sources may not exceed the total cost of tuition, room, and board.