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New Media Projects

By David McKelvey


Ever wonder what New Media is working on and what’s yet to come? While it doesn’t have quite everything, the following resource does cover most of our major projects and their status in an always-updated fashion.

PRIMER: The individual items you see are called stories. They are not tasks, but encompass one or more tasks. Essentially, a story is something that is of value to the end user and many are written that way. Stories are also assigned a difficulty by the person working on the task and are colored based on their status:

green = done
yellow = started, in process
grey = backlog, not started
blue = icebox, not started

Across the top-left “menu” you’ll see some panes which you can display; current and backlog show by default:

done = done items, completed the previous week or earlier
current = what’s currently being worked on
backlog = what’s on deck
icebox = available stories, but not active at the moment

Stories move from right to left (icebox to done) from yet-to-do to completed. They are prioritized in that stories more left are closer to being initiated and completed. (Be aware, we add and move stories around all the time.)

TIP: We categorize all the major projects by labels, so it’s easiest to click on the “More” menu item, and choose to show “Labels and Searches”. Then you can click on any label to see what’s in process.

All of our updates to this resource and all our code commits at github are also pushed to the new media home page through the lcweblab twitter account as well, so if it’s easier for you to follow that — feel free. :)


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