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Further Infonet to WebAdvisor update

May 09, 2013

Since I know this is a hot topic amongst staff and faculty, I wanted to hopefully calm some fears with a further update in the Infonet to WebAdvisor migration.  In order to enable a smooth transition from Infonet to WebAdvisor, we have decided to postpone taking Infonet out of service until after Summer 2013.

We had planned to discontinue the use of Infonet this month after introducing new features to WebAdvisor through the Spring semester. With the release of those new features being delayed, we want to maintain our goal of providing faculty and staff ample time to learn to use the new WebAdvisor functions. Therefore, we will leave Infonet in place through the summer months to aid in this transition.

If you have not done so already, we encourage you to investigate the WebAdvisor features that have been released to-date. These include numerous changes to the course and advisee rosters (including pictures!) and the student profile page.  In the near future, we will introduce additional changes including budget/expense tracking and a streamlined mechanism for registration approvals.

Please continue to feel free to contact me with suggestions and concerns.

Kelly Wainwright

Director of Client Services


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