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New faces, new titles, and a few farewells

October 07, 2013

  • Director of Leadership and Service Harold McNaron
    Director of Leadership and Service Harold McNaron

Director of Leadership and Service Harold McNaron recently joined Lewis & Clark to oversee student leadership and service learning initiatives. The Source caught up with him to get to know him a little bit better and to learn about his plans for the new office.

Can you share a bit about your background and how you came to choose a career in educational leadership and service learning?

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, I came to the Pacific Northwest for graduate school at Portland State. I’m a proud AmeriCorps alum and former nonprofit staff member. As a student affairs staff member, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to bridge the campus-community divide through community-engaged programs. I believe leadership and service are best understood as processes utilized by individuals and groups to effect the positive changes they wish to see in the world.

What will success look like this year for Student Leadership and Service (SLS), and what is your long-term vision?

As we are a new office, current successes relate to hiring some amazing student staff and spreading the word about the new office structure. Our annual and strategic goals will be developed by a group of stakeholders; thus, those are not set at this point. Yet, I trust that they will relate to meaningful engagement and development for students, community partners, and other stakeholders. Utilizing a social change framework, long-term goals will hopefully relate Lewis & Clark stakeholders developing their own leadership competencies while working in partnership with other community members to effect sustainable change.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I like to unwind with my partner, Anne; our three cats; and Netflix. Now that I’m back in town, I’m also looking forward to reconnecting with Portland’s racial justice community. 

The Office of Student Leadership and Service is located in Templeton 107.

Comings and Goings Update

Several people have joined the community recently, and some continuing employees have taken on new roles and responsibilities at Lewis & Clark:

Charles Ahlquist, assistant director of residential education, Campus Living; Nathan Baptiste, assistant dean of admissions and coordinator of multicultural recruitment, CAS Admissions; Monica Baker, associate director, Physical Education and Athletics; Tim Beecher, clinical coordinator, Counseling Service; Marissa Behringer, admissions office coordinator, Law Admissions; Stacie Brunner, interim head volleyball coach, Physical Education and Athletics; Angela Adelle Buck, area director, Campus Living; Danielle Caldwell, associate director, Conferences and Events; Sara Calvert-Kubrom, assistant dean of admissions, CAS Admissions; Maria Capitelli, case manager and mental health counselor, Counseling Service; Mari Cheney, digital resources and reference librarian, Boley Library; Jessika Chi, program manager, Department of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement; Sara Kate Daniel, administrative coordinator, College Outdoors; Angela Dendas, head strength and conditioning coach/instructor, Physical Education and Athletics; Thomas Flynn, head baseball coach, Physical Education and Athletics; Olivia Foster, lab technician, Department of Biology; Krista Francisco, interim assistant athletic trainer, Physical Education and Athletics; Angélica Garcia, assistant dean, CAS Dean of the College; Adam Geisler, administrative coordinator, Small Business Legal Clinic; Lindy Gerwin, lab assistant, Department of Biology; Wendy Hitchcock, head of reference and foreign and international law librarian, Boley Library; Vanessa Holmgren, director of multimedia and internal communications, Public Affairs and Communications; Jorge Juarez, reference and instructional services librarian, Boley Library; Stephen LeBoutillier, senior associate director, Institutional Advancement-Alumni and Parent Programs; Michael Mannheimer, web content producer, Public Affairs and Communications; Kristian Martin, sports information director, Physical Education and Athletics; Carla McHattie, assistant track and field coach, Physical Education and Athletics; Harold McNaron, director, Student Leadership and Service; Bobbi Mihara, clinical coordinator, Counseling Service; Mark Minty, facilities coordinator, Physical Education and Athletics; Renee Orlick, associate director of institutional research, Provost’s Office; Madeline Pruett, director of annual giving, Institutional Advancement-Annual Giving; Branden Pursinger, student account specialist, Student and Departmental Account Services; Llew Richards,field technician/lab manager, Information Technology; Goldann Salazar, administrative assistant, National Crime Victim Law Institute; Nicole Schneider, administrative assistant, Overseas and Off-Campus Programs; Katherine Shallenberger, budget accountant, Office of Business and Finance; Katherine Sholian, administrative coordinator, Departments of Economics and International Affairs; Kevin Takeno, special teams coordinator/defensive assistant/instructor, Physical Education and Athletics; Megan Taliaferro, outreach program assistant, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Undergraduate Science Education Grant; Martha Taylor, staff attorney, Small Business Legal Clinic; Rob Truman, assistant dean for bar outreach and continuing education, Oregon Law Institute; Mary Welch,campus safety officer, Campus Safety; Amanda Valley, departmental specialist, CAS Admissions; Aaron Whiteford, director of development, Institutional Advancement; Leslie Wilkins, administrative assistant, Campus Living; and Alex Zapien, maintenance engineer, Facilities Services.

The following people have left Lewis & Clark. Here’s wishing them good luck in their new adventures:

Jamie Adams, maintenance engineer, Facilities Services; Carla Almaraz, instructional technology, Information Technology-Law; Benjamin Anderson, admissions counselor, CAS Admissions; Joshua Bickley, administrative coordinator, College Outdoors; Caroline Brown, associate director, Conferences and Events; Kelsey Bumgarner, athletics development and sports information assistant, Physical Education and Athletics; Lucrecia Choto, associate director, Overseas and Off-Campus Programs; Joi Converse, administrative coordinator, Department of Biology; Jennifer Crowder, director of student transitions and experiences, Department of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement; Shannon Ehlers, bookstore accountant, CAS Bookstore; Kirsten Fix, interim assistant director, Career Services; Susan Galyen, registrar, Law Registrar; Lori Jepsen, head volleyball coach, Physical Education and Athletics; Rasheid Light, associate dean and coordinator of multicultural admissions, CAS Admissions; Tom Lynn, groundskeeper, Facilities Services; Heather McCambly, assistant director, Law Academic Enhancement Program; Christy McMurtry, administrative specialist, Teacher Education; Emily Miller, web content producer/manager, Public Affairs and Communications; Lindsey Miller, associate director of annual giving, Law External Relations; Shannon Mouzon, administrative coordinator, Career Development Center; Shelley Pearson, account specialist, Student and Departmental Account Services; Lisa Pogue, director of administrative services, Graduate School; Karen Smith-Geon, executive director, Earthrise Law Center; Elizabeth Stephens, assistant dean, Oregon Law Institute; Cory Troup, systems administrator for communications systems, Information Technology; and Cindy Wong, legal assistant II, Law Legal Clinic.

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