February 03, 2014

Sixty-five staff honored for service to the College

This year’s staff recognition lunch honored 65 staff members for their years of service and dedication to the college.
  • Photo includes some of the employees honored with 20 or more years of service. From left to right: Miranda Carney-Morris, Wayne Ohmer, Marietta Lawson, Jane Atkinson, Brad Wilkin, and Wendy McLennan.
  • Kathy Faust and Lynn Williams were both honored for their 35 years of working in the Boley Law Library.

This year’s staff recognition lunch was held on Friday, January 24, and honored 65 staff members for their years of service and dedication to the college.

Kathy Faust BA ’74, assistant director for technical services, and Lynn Williams, assistant director of reader services, were both honored for their 35 years of working in the Boley Law Library.

“I found my dream job here—a job that’s been challenging and rewarding,” Faust said. “I also found a group of people I liked working with, including our previous library director, Peter Nycum, who respected and trusted me enough that he didn’t involve himself too much in what I did. I’ve also been lucky enough to work in a very scenic spot. My current office is at tree-top level and I get to watch a variety of birds eating their way up and down the trees that practically touch my window.”

“When I started working at the Boley Law Library, I was told that my children could go to college for free,” Williams said. “I laughed—at the time my daughter was in preschool. My oldest daughter graduated from the law school in 1999 and my younger daughter graduated from CAS in 2003. I am grateful for the opportunities that L&C has offered both my family and me.”

Also honored for 35 years of service, Vice President and Provost Jane Atkinson received acknowledgement and praise from her supervisor, President Barry Glassner.

“Jane has tremendous compassion, integrity, and professionalism,” Glassner said. “She loves her job as provost.”

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The staff recognition luncheon celebrates each fifth anniversary of service to Lewis & Clark. Congratulations to the following honorees:

Three honored for 35 years of service: Jane Atkinson, Office of the Provost; Katherine Faust, Boley Law Library; and Lynn Williams, Boley Law Library.

Two honored for 25 years of service: Dianne Ensign, Boley Law Library, and Bradley Wilkin, Information Technology

Six honored for 20 years of service: Miranda Carney-Morris, Information Technology; Linda Dunne, Watzek Library; Marietta Lawson, Office of Business and Finance; Wendy McLennan, Biology; Wayne Ohmer, Information Technology; and Robert Tomlin, Facilities Services. 

Twelve honored for 15 years of serviceMeg Coryell, Physical Education and Athletics; Linda D’Agostino-Long, Law School; Robert Grant, Facilities Services; Elaine Hirsch, Watzek Library; Erica Johnson, Admissions–College of Arts and Sciences; Deborah Keller, Information Technology; Daniel Kelley, Watzek Library; Janna Beth Kim, Academic Enhancement–Law School; Shelly Meyer, Public Affairs and Communications; Liana Rein, Boley Law Library; Linda Tesner, Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Art; and Janet Wolff, Health Center.

Twelve for 10 years of service: Jenny Bornstein, Watzek Library; Janna Clark, Public Affairs and Communications; Moira Domann, Office of Business and Finance; Beatrice Freilich, Alumni and Parent Programs; Margaret Garvin, National Crime Victim Law Institute; Vanessa Holmgren, Public Affairs and Communications; Lori Jepsen, Dean of Students–College of Arts and Sciences; Sheri Kruger, Admissions–Graduate School; Jeremy Loew, Physical Education and Athletics; Juan Morales, Watzek Library; Christopher Sulages, Physical Education and Athletics; and Elizabeth Young, Information Technology.

Thirty honored for five years of service: Charles Ahlquist, Campus Living; Maureen Allen, Campus Safety; Christine P. Atchison, Institutional Advancement; K’lyn Bain, Facilities Services; George Battistel, Office of Business and Finance; Natalie Bocci, Watzek Library; Terry Campos, National Crime Victim Law Institute; Khoi Dinh, Institutional Advancement; Jason Feiner, Student Activities; Scott Fletcher, Office of the Dean–Graduate School; Scott R. Flor, National Crime Victim Law Institute; Nancy Hugg, Gender Studies; Michael Iannantuano, Facilities Services; Timothy Jacobs, Physical Education and Athletics; Anne Jourdan, Biology; Brian King, Facilities Services; Steven Kirkwood, Office of Business and Finance; Claire Kodachi, Religious Studies; Jeanne Lilly, Counseling Center; Phillip Magbanua, Physical Education and Athletics; Terry Moore, Rhetoric and Media Studies; Aaron Mulkey, Human Resources; Rachel Orlansky, Student Support Services; Kara Powers, Counseling Center; Julie Radostitz, Health Center; Sylvia Sissel, Institutional Advancement; Amy Timmins, Physics; Sara Violante, Office of the Dean–Graduate School; John Weigel, Facilities Services; and Valerie L. White, Ombuds Office.