April 28, 2014

President announces Student Engagement Scholarship winners

President Barry Glassner has announced the winners of the President’s Scholarship for Student Engagement.

President Barry Glassner has announced the winners of the President’s Scholarship for Student Engagement—Lewis & Clark sophomores Tyne Clifton, Mia Freiberg, Rebecca Kidder, and Sarah Mills.

“What an impressive group,” President Glassner said. “These students personify what we emphasize and value at Lewis & Clark. They possess skill, dedication, keen curiosity, a talent for innovation, and a commitment to scholarship that serves the public good.”

Launched in 2012, the student engagement scholarship provides $5,000 to students with sophomore standing for use in their junior year. It is renewable for the senior year based on continued excellence.

A committee made up of faculty emeriti reviewed the applications and advised President Glassner in selecting the awardees this year. The committee members were Roger Nelsen, mathematics; Nicole Aas-Rouxparis, French; and Steven Hunt, communication.

The scholarship honors students for exemplary engagement with the liberal arts inside and outside the classroom. The award is meant to recognize students who are especially vigorous in their engagement with the full liberal arts experience and to encourage them in their continued devotion to that endeavor.

“It feels very rewarding to have recognition for all of the hard work my fellow students and I put into this school and community—both academically and in terms of extracurricular involvement,” Freiberg said upon receiving the award.

“To me, the scholarship is about celebrating and recognizing the students who exemplify engagement in the liberal arts as well as the faculty, classes, and programs that make it possible to have this level of engagement,” Kidder said. “The transdisciplinary connections I’ve found within and between my classes and my extracurriculars are what make me proud to go to Lewis & Clark, and are what make my experience here what it is. I think this scholarship celebrates not just that these connections exist, but that they have such an integral part of making Lewis & Clark the institution that it is.”